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Emeterio Leroy Rudolfo

for District Court Judge, District 2, Division 16

Principled - Experienced - Fair

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Response to  Jennifer Wernersbach's Fact Claim

  • Bernalillo County District Court Judge Jennifer Wernersbach is accusing Emeterio of calling her a liar. This is plainly false. As we all know, there are two sides to every story and we believe voters should know when there is potentially disqualifying information about a candidate. The mail piece referred to by his opponent does not call her a liar, but presents factual statements for the voter to consider in making their decision. Judge Wernersbach responded to an official ABQ Journal Questionnaire, Q & A, which was published only online and sent out with ample time for consideration of the questions and to prepare answers and denied having any history of tax liens which was untrue. This campaign has brought forth important factual information that the voters should consider.


  • This campaign also brings to light that parking ticket warrants were issued against Judge Wernersbach in 2016 and remained unresolved until May 18, 2022, less than three weeks ago, despite claiming to have done a full background check on herself. The parking ticket warrants are not the problem, the problem is the failure to resolve them. 

  • Emeterio's opponent is falsely misleading voters about his record. She has implied that he is not qualified by stating that she is the only one in this race deemed qualified by the Judicial Selection Commission, while true on its face, this implies that the Judicial Selection Commission does not view Emeterio as qualified. Emet did not apply for an appointment and did not go before the Judicial Selection Commission. Emeterio is absolutely qualified to be a judge, with his 27 years of experience in the Law. Her assertion that she is the only one deemed qualified is misleading. Emet served on the Judicial Nominating Commission and knows what it takes to be an effective and fair judge. 


  • Judge Wernersbach's campaign has been employing other unethical tactics like using her signs to cover up Emeterio's signs on the campaign trail. The campaign manager apologized, and stated "Mr. Rudolfo & Supporters of Mr. Rudolfo: This was NOT authorized by the campaign of your opponent. I think we've identified who did this, and we are immediately having them fix this. I apologize that this occurred, and we are working to fix it." 


      Throughout a career that spans 27 years, Emeterio has demonstrated Integrity, a strong work ethic, and commitment to the community. Emeterio was born and raised in Albuquerque’s South Valley. His father was from Escobosa New Mexico, and his mother was born near Tajique, New Mexico. Despite only having a third-grade education, his father worked hard and was able to provide for his family. He instilled the value of hard work, and his mother, who only completed 8th grade, instilled a passion for reading and a curiosity for learning. 

Servant’s Heart

 Emeterio’s passion for community was instilled by his parents who taught him to not only count his blessings but to make them count. Throughout his youth, Emeterio saw his parents invite elderly and less fortunate people to holiday dinners and deliver food to those who couldn’t make it over. In Law School Emeterio organized a group of students to serve meals to the homeless and volunteered with the Vista program to prepare taxes for low-income families. Emeterio has a servant’s heart. Despite a practice that takes him to courts around the State, Emeterio has made time to continue to serve his community.

Strong Work Ethic

 Emeterio’s strong work-ethic is attributed to his parents. His mother managed the family home with four children, and his father was a steelworker and member of the United Steelworkers Union. Emeterio's father would take Emeterio and his brother to clean yards on Saturdays or to sell firewood during the winters. They sold firewood by the wheelbarrow load to shops in Old Town. 

Emeterio worked full time as a janitor at the intel plant during his first year of college and continued to work different jobs as an undergraduate and throughout law school. After law school, Emeterio worked for a few years with the Public Defender Department. He has been a sole practitioner for almost 25 years. He handles a heavy caseload and represents clients throughout the State


Emeterio has tried cases throughout the State. He has tried homicide cases in Bernalillo County, Dona Ana County, McKinley County, San Juan County, and in Federal Court. He has tried cases from traffic citations to murder. In addition to criminal law, he has represented clients in civil rights and personal injury cases.

The Best Choice

Emeterio seeks to serve you as a District Court Judge in Division 16. This position is for a trial judge that handles criminal cases. He has a strong work ethic and a track record of service to the community. Emeterio’s vast experience before many courts and judges around the State provide him not only with the trial experience required of a trial judge, but also the perspective of someone who has appeared extensively before different courts and can provide an outside perspective. With the backlog of cases being worsened by the Pandemic, we need a Judge with a strong work ethic who can bring a different perspective and offer solutions to the backlog problem which has allowed defendants to have multiple cases pending before the first case has been resolved.   

Notable Acheivments 

Education and Practice

  • Juris Doctorate - University of New School of Law

  • Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice - UNM

  • Licensed to practice in New Mexico since 1995

  • Fed. Court for the Dist. of NM

  • 10th Circuit Court of Appeals


  • Appointed by the NM Supreme Court to serve on the Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission to evaluate judges throughout the state.

  • Trial experience throughout the State.

  • Past board member and current member of: 

    • New Mexico Hispanic Bar association     

    • New Mexico Criminal Defense Lawyers Association

  • Current Member of:

    • Albuquerque Bar Association

    • State Bar of New Mexico

    • Coalition Against Violence to Native American Women

    • Hispano Chamber of Commerce

    • Leadership New Mexico Alum

    • San Juan College Labor Relations Board

    • New Mexico/Sonora Commission

    • Community Relations Commission

Volunteer work

  • Pro-Bono representation of victims of DV who need assistance with filing Restraining Orders

  • Volunteer Mock Trial Judge

  • Speaker at schools for Law Day

  • Attorney for Court Clinics in District and Metro Court

  • Volunteer with Wills for Heroes

  • Sponsor for TCR 5k runs to raise money for community non-profits.


Public Financing Donation

With your support we qualified for Public Financing! Thank you very much, we couldn't have done it without you!

Grass Roots Donation (New Mexico Registered Voters)

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